4.1 Finally Back

Hello everyone! So, this is my sims 4 legacy. I haven’t played it or updated it in a very long time, I apologize for that. In the last chapter that I posted, it was the first chapter of generation 3. Well, I played a bit and I was going to write some chapters but I lost the screenshots. I also lost the save somehow, but I had the family saved in my gallery so thankfully I didn’t loose them. The only thing that I lost where the tombstones and the house.  I will start this chapter off by introducing all of the sims that are in this legacy.

04-12-16_1-36-27 PM.jpg

This is Terry, he married the generation 3 heir. For some reason he only has two traits which are bookworm and neat. His aspiration is “Painter Extraordinaire”. He is a young adult.

04-12-16_1-36-39 PM

And here is the generation 3 heir, Bridgette. She has the creative, perfectionist and outgoing traits. Her aspiration is Master Chef. She is a young adult.

04-12-16_1-36-32 PM

Here is Devon, he is Bridgette’s older brother and the spare for generation 3, But for some reason I decided to still play him. His traits are bro, genius and cheerful. His aspiration is nerd brain,  which he completed.

04-12-16_1-36-44 PM.jpg

Ok, onto the children of generation 4. This is the oldest, his name is Austen. He is Active and loves the outdoors. His aspiration is body builder. And as you can probably tell he is a teenager.

04-12-16_1-36-48 PM.jpg

And here is BLANK she is the heir for generation 4. She has the good trait.And she has the creative aspiration. I am really sorry about two things, one being how long it has taken me to update this legacy. And two being for all of the missing information/screenshots. The generation 2 heir, Seth, and his wife, Carly, are now dead so I don’t have anymore screenshots of them.

04-12-16_1-41-44 PM.jpg

Here is their new house. That little room with no roof or siding is Devon’s room because there wasn’t anywhere to put him in the house. (Also, I am still trying to get my settings back to where they were before so if the game looks ugly I’m sorry.)

04-12-16_1-42-05 PM.jpg

They are basically broke and they don’t have an easel for Terry to paint on so he had to go collect some rocks.

04-12-16_1-46-37 PM.jpg

Amelia is doing her homework.

04-12-16_1-51-34 PM.jpg

Here is one of the growfruit trees that is near the house. I am goin g to try and finish the spring challenges but I don’t know if I will be able to.

04-12-16_1-53-53 PM.jpg

We finally had enough to buy an easel!

04-12-16_2-02-41 PM.jpg

Here is Devon’s sad little bedroom.

04-12-16_2-16-06 PM.jpg

Bridgette found one of the new eggs!

04-12-16_2-18-30 PM.jpg

And then she found some other ones too.

04-12-16_2-26-44 PM.jpg

Can you guess what Bridgette is making?

04-12-16_2-27-36 PM.jpg


04-12-16_2-27-56 PM.jpg

Bridgette is aging up into an adult.

04-12-16_2-28-38 PM.jpg

Here she is as an adult! She looks exactly the same but whatever.

04-12-16_2-30-07 PM.jpg

And here is Terry as an adult.

04-12-16_2-39-16 PM.jpg

Bridgette went out and harvested some of the grow fruit trees. (By the way, I know that her outfit is not the nicest. She aged up into a teen in this and I just left it…)

04-12-16_4-16-25 PM.jpg

Bridgette went to one of the gardens in Willow Creek so she could find Jasmin Holliday.

04-12-16_4-17-39 PM.jpg

She asked for some fertilizer and a growfruit starter pack and then she went back home.

04-12-16_4-29-33 PM.jpg

Bridgette planted some of the growfruit that she harvested so that they can have a bunch of it.

04-12-16_4-31-20 PM.jpg

Terry is making a lot of money from painting, he has level 10 painting skill so that is helpful.

04-12-16_4-49-02 PM.jpg

The trees grew!

04-12-16_4-53-14 PM.jpg

When I was absent from playing the sims 4 they added these cool little storage chests that you can put stuff in! But I was later disappointed to find out that if you have more than one they will have the same inventory. So they don’t work like the ones in sims 3 where you can have multiple for different things.

04-12-16_4-59-47 PM.jpg

Amelia invited this random girl from school over.

04-12-16_5-02-41 PM.jpg

Here Bridgette is helping Amelia with her homework.

04-13-16_11-26-10 AM.jpg

For Austen’s aspiration he needed to work out a lot. So rather than having him go jogging all the time I bought him a treadmill. That’s it for this chapter, I am sorry again that it has been so long and that I lost a bunch of the screenshots. I am going to be trying to update this as much as I can to make up for all of the time that I lost.


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