Scientist Career 3.1

Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall Legacy! Today Carly is aging up into an adult!

04-19-15_5-10 PM-4

In the middle of the night I saw Jennifer as a ghost!

04-27-15_12-18 PM

I woke Carly up so that they could talk.

04-27-15_12-22 PM-2

And then Jennifer turned PURPLE!

04-27-15_12-23 PM

And then yellow.

04-29-15_5-00 PM

Then Jennifer just DISAPPEARED! 😦 I am going to try and work on aspirations and skills today, Devon is working on handiness and Bridgette is working on charisma.

04-29-15_6-45 PM

And then Jennifer came back and STOLE A COOKIE!

04-29-15_6-48 PM

Go talk to her Carly! Sadly Jennifer disappeared AGAIN. I didn’t even realize but it is also Bridgette’s birthday! So since she is the heir it is officially generation THREE!

04-30-15_5-09 PM-3

And she rolled…… Um, I think it was cheerful but I cannot remember. I will try and check next time I play. I finally was able to play with Devon at work!

04-30-15_7-38 PM

When he first walked in he was greeted by the receptionist.

04-30-15_7-38 PM-2

When you play one of the active careers this will be in the corner and it tells you what to do.

Screenshot (570)

Here is Devon talking to invention constructor.

04-30-15_7-39 PM

And they build a relationship with them! It is kind of like the giant teddy bears for the children. ( And if you collected all of the Easter eggs and you unlocked the giant bunny you can have a relationship with them too!) (And you can see how bad I am with having friends in this game…..)

Screenshot (571)

And then he invented the momentum constructor. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I will try and take one for another post. While I was playing with Devon, Seth came home and got a promotion!

Screenshot (575)

After your work hours are over you get this notification that tells you how you did and how much money you made and whether or not you got a promotion.

Screenshot (577)

Since Bridgette aged up and she is the heir I had her talk to this random guy so maybe he can become her husband.

05-01-15_7-19 PM

They got their friendship bars up pretty high so then Bridgette started flirting.

05-02-15_10-04 AM

While Carly doesn’t look very happy about working in her garden for some reason.

05-02-15_10-06 AM

The flirting went well so they did some more romance interactions. And he moved in! His name is Terry Denton, and for some reason he only has TWO traits (Not including the trait from his aspiration.) And he has the painting aspiration. I will try and remember to tell you his traits in the next post.

05-02-15_10-07 AM

He had ONE day until aging up into an adult so we bought him a potion of youth.

05-02-15_10-22 AM

And then they had their first kiss!

05-02-15_10-29 AM-2

And then he asked her to be his girlfriend. (She said yes, if you couldn’t tell from their happy dance.)

05-02-15_10-30 AM That’s it for this chapter! I hope that you enjoyed it. I am posting this like a month or two after I played it, And since then EA has announced a new world called Newcrest! And the first stuff pack came out. I haven’t bought it yet though. But once I do I will try and review the new stuff that comes with it. Anyways Happy Simming! =D ❤


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