Bridgette’s Bakery 2.5

So I have some sad news. Jennifer and Oliver DIED.



3I made this little graveyard for them. Jennifer’s guitar that she always played is there and I hid Oliver’s voodoo doll in the flowers.

04-01-15_7-41 AM

In the last part I left off with a picture of a little building. Did you guess what it was? It is Bridgette’s new bakery!

When you click on the stove or fridge there will be an option to bake something. So she made some sugar cookies!

Here is what the store looks like when you first walk in.

I bought her a little table so that she could sit down and eat at her bakery.

Yay, our first customer!

04-01-15_7-43 AM

This is the thing about having your living space on the same lot as the store. They will just walk on into your space! *GASP* How terrible am I! I forgot to tell you Bridgette’s aspiration and new trait! Ok so she is a creative perfectionist and she has the friend of the world aspiration.

Screenshot (35) Screenshot (36)

So I hired an employee so that he could do all the selling and Bridgette can do all of the baking and not have to worry about the customers.

04-17-15_9-24 AM-3

I built a basement for the bakery so that we could have the kitchen down there.

04-17-15_8-55 AM

I don’t think I posted anything about this but, Devon aged up into an adult. I forgot to throw him a birthday party too! What a great simmer I am. I got him a job in the scientist career, And for his job he needs to have two breakthroughs. One way you can get breakthroughs from reading books. That is it for this post! In the next chapter there will be a lot of stuff happening, so hopefully that will make up for my absence.


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