Get To Work! 2.4

Screenshot (29)(DISCLAIMER! I played this chapter the day Get To Work came out, and for some reason I decided not post for a month…..)Hi! Welcome back to another update! AND OH MY GOSH THERE IS AN ANT ON MY ARM!!!!! SOMEONE CALL FOR HELP! No joke an ant was just crawling up my arm. I am terrified of those things! YAY! Get To Work came out! I went to bust buy this morning and I was there before they where even open lol. So here is what it looks like when you are installing it (in case you didn’t know.)

CombinedSCBridgette is talking to the giant stuffed bunnies that we unlocked from the Easter egg hunt.

03-30-15_7-07 PM-2

I found out that children can improve their social skill from talking to them.

Screenshot (30)

This will pop up when you first open the game after installing Get To Work. It just gives you some info on the different careers.

03-31-15_11-29 AM

Oliver has been painting a lot recently so he opened up a store to sell his paintings.

03-31-15_11-31 AM

Our first costumer was Katlyn!

03-31-15_11-32 AM

I brought Bridgette over to talk to one of the customers so she could work on her social skill.

03-31-15_11-33 AM

When a customer wants to buy something they will walk up to the item and a little shopping cart will pop up on top of their head. Then you can click on that sim and there will be an interaction to ring them up.

03-31-15_11-34 AM

And for each time you talk to a customer or sell an item you get some points, I don’t remember what they are called but you can purchase different perks. For 50 points you can get this “first simolen” award.

03-31-15_11-36 AM

I had Oliver paint a little bit but I forgot to close the store so there where some sims just walking around.

03-31-15_11-40 AM

I put a little bed behind the wall where all of the paintings are so that he could sleep and not go through a loading screen.

03-31-15_11-44 AM

“Anyone wanna come to my store?” Maybe if you didn’t have toxic fumes coming off of your body people would come.

03-31-15_11-51 AM

What is this? This isn’t grey hair club this is a store! I brought Jennifer over so that she could help with some of the customers.

03-31-15_12-22 PM

I invited this two sims over. The girl is for Bridgette to talk to and the boy in case if you forgot is the guy that Devon meet at the park and started flirting with.

03-31-15_12-25 PM

Devon tried talking to the guy (I forgot his name…..) but it didn’t work so well. But I still have hope for this relationship! ( And it may have been because of his clothing…..)

03-31-15_12-29 PM

After everyone left Devon sat at the chess table for the rest of the day working on his logic skill.

03-31-15_12-32 PM

Bridgette invited Robbie over so that they could become friends for her aspiration. “Hi uncle Robbie!”

04-01-15_5-13 PM

Devon got a spaceship because we need one of these big old things for his aspiration….

03-31-15_6-51 PM

Grandma made a cake. Even she thinks that it is weird that Devon walks around in those bottoms….

03-31-15_6-55 PM

Bridgette aged up into a teen!

03-31-15_7-14 PM

Come back next time to find out what this building is for! See you then! Happy simming! 🙂 ❤


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