New Patch! 2.3


So we are going to start off this update with TWO birthdays! First is Robbie.


Then Katlyn. They aged up into adults and sadly I moved them out to make room for the next generation. They didn’t finish their aspirations or do a job but oh well. We might be seeing them later.


For Seth’s aspiration he needs to do 50 romantic interactions with his spouse. this is going to take a while.


Davon made an emotion potion and drank it. He got a bored moodlet because apparently it didn’t do anything. =(

03-23-15_6-58 PM

In the last part Jennifer and Oliver aged up into elders. I dont want them to die!!!

03-23-15_12-01 PM

Davon is making lots of health potions and emotion potions for his skill and aspiration.

03-23-15_12-09 PM

HEY! another baby is on the way!!! =D (sorry that it looks like Carly was rolling around in mud. She wasn’t I promise.)

03-23-15_7-08 PM

While Carly was gardening Seth was working on those 50 romantic iterations.

03-23-15_12-26 PM

YAY! We got a kitchen upgrade!

03-25-15_7-20 PM

I bought Jennifer five of those inspiring lamps from Island paradise for TS3 I think. I don’t know if it will boost the inspired emotion more depending on how many there are but we will see.

03-25-15_7-44 AM

Yay! I remembered to get the cute baby bump pics this time!

03-26-15_4-37 PM

Davon finished his aspiration! Now it is time for his birthday!


In this picture it looks like he is on fire.

03-28-15_10-32 AM

Here is Davons CAS teen pic. I tried to make him dress kind of weird because I want him to be a kooky scientist He has the nerd brain aspiration and is a cheerful genius.

So there was a new update the day I was playing this and they changed some of the UI.

Screenshot (27)

This is what it looks like when you are selecting the world you want to play in. If you have Outdoor Retreat there will be a little destinations tab with Granite Falls in it.

03-26-15_10-27 AM-2

And for the valentines day challenge we got these two new hairs!


Why are you making this face Jennifer?

03-26-15_10-38 AM

So you might be wondering why Oliver is standing outside with Jennifer by an easel

03-26-15_10-40 AM

Well, In the new patch they added painting from reference! so you can take a picture of something and then you can paint it! So now we can make portraits!

03-26-15_10-54 AM

*GASP* What is this???

03-26-15_10-54 AM-2

We now have basements too!

03-26-15_11-50 AM

Thanks a lot Carly you are interrupting me! She gave birth to a little girl named Bridgette.

03-26-15_12-02 PM

The update also included an easter egg hunt. When you are looking for frogs you can find easter eggs!

03-27-15_1-39 PM

Bridgette aged up into a child. With her creepy scientist brother in his briefs behind her…..

03-27-15_4-50 PM

She is wearing this cute (in my opinion) ice cream sweater that I made! =D

03-27-15_4-51 PM

While Carly was gardening she found a bunch of the easter eggs. So now we only need two more until we have all of them!

03-28-15_10-05 AM

Here is their easter egg and my sims trophy collection shelves. I also stuck one of Oliver’s voodoo dolls on there.(incase you couldn’t tell this is in the basement.)

03-28-15_5-03 PM

Here is Bridgette’s cas picture! She has the social butterfly aspiration and the creative trait.

03-29-15_2-01 PM

Bridgette went to the park to work on her aspiration. Hey Bridgette did you know that this scary unloaded sim is your GRAMMA?!!?! HAHA.

03-29-15_2-04 PM

Soo…. That teen sitting next to Devon started to flirt with him…. So I had Devon flirt back. I wasn’t expecting that from you Devon. Looks like Davon is going to have a boyfriend.

03-29-15_2-18 PM

In our basement we put up some of the portraits that Oliver painted. I have decided that Bridgette will be the heir. Once she gets older she will run a bakery! So we have a picture of all of the heirs! Devon needs to work on handiness and he needs to do some wood working for his aspiration, so this is where I put the woodworking table.

03-29-15_2-24 PM

I bought a slablet for Bridgette so she could talk to people on it and hopefully help for when we don’t want people at the house.

 03-29-15_9-35 AM

I bought all of the little valentines day bears! I think I am going to make a room that will have all of the different types of stuffed animals! I just love them so much! ( I love stuffed animals in real life too.)

03-29-15_9-35 AM-2

We got this little plaque for collecting all of the my sims trophies.

03-29-15_9-40 AM

So i went with the idea of having all of the stuffed animals in a room. I bought all of the child sized stuffed animals! I think that they are so cute!

03-29-15_10-07 AM

YAY! We collected all of the easter eggs! So I bought these cute bunnies that you unlock after collecting all of the eggs. I think I’m going to have to end it here. This is the biggest update I have ever done! With 37 pictures! (I know that is like a normal size for most updates but mine are nomaly really small lol) and Get To Work is coming out tomorrow!!!!! I might end up posting a THIRD update today so that generation three will be ready when it comes out. Bye! Happy simming! 🙂  ❤


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