Gardening And Aging Up. 2.2


Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall Legacy! Here is a picture of Carly gardening.


ROBBIE made this cute little picture of a llama!


Jennifer has been sitting at the piano all day working on her skill.


I don’t know why but for some reason I really like this picture of Carly. Wow….. I just read my last post and realized that I forgot to tell you Carly’s aspiration and traits and I just left ***Insert Carly’s aspiration and traits here*** wow….. Ok so she is a foodie music lover that loves that outdoors and she has the freelance botanist aspiration (which is the gardening one.)




This is where the frogs have been living. It is taking a long time to collect all of the different types.


So you might be wondering who this cake is for……


Jennifer aged up into an elder today. 😦


And so did Oliver. Jennifer is really close to reaching the top of her career. I don’t mind if Oliver doesn’t top his but I REALLY want Jennifer to. That’s it for this update/chapter. I am really excited for GTW to come out in 1 day!!! I will try and post more so that I can be ready for when GTW comes out. Anyways, Happy Simming 🙂  ❤


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