New House New Wife New Life! 2.1

03-13-15_4-39 PM

Welcome to the first chapter of generation 2!!!!! For Jennifer’s job she has to have some piano skill. That is why we have a piano in the front yard.

03-13-15_5-22 PM-2

Seth is aging up into an YA!

03-13-15_6-54 PM

Robbie is also aging up into a teen!

03-14-15_9-48 AM-2

We moved Carly in so that we could age her up and have a relationship with Seth.

03-14-15_9-52 AM-3

Seth proposed soon after they aged up!

03-14-15_9-53 AM-5

She said yes and they had a private wedding! While everyone danced to the radio.

03-15-15_3-14 PM

*Insert Carly’s traits and aspiration here*

So….. I kind of stopped taking screenshots of my game for a while so I didn’t capture a couple of sim days. Sorry. As you can see Carly is PREGNANT! She has been gardening for her aspiration. Incase if you where wondering the plants in front of her are they strawberry bushes.

03-19-15_4-56 PM

She gave birth to this little boy named Davon! He is are soon to be scientist! since GTW is coming out soon I decided that generation 2 would be working on that EP. I don’t know how long it will take us to try everything that Get To Work has to offer because there is a lot of content with that EP.

03-15-15_8-01 AM

Random picture of Carly because I felt like it.

03-15-15_8-03 AM

It has been really fun going around the world looking for different plants for Carly to harvest. She found this apple tree pretty close to their lot.

03-15-15_8-03 AM-2

And here is a strawberry plant!

03-17-15_6-53 PM

Davon is working on his homework. Oh goodness I forgot to tell you what his trait and aspiration is! So his aspiration is the mental one and he is a genius Oh what is this? A new house? YES! I made a new house for them. I really really really like this one.

03-21-15_7-15 PM

So here is the top down view of the house. in the front yard we have monkey bars crystals and frogs. Then in the back is where Carly has her garden. And eventually we will have a pool back there too.

03-24-15_4-58 PM

OMG! I forgot to post Robbie’s teen pic and his traits! Ok so he is creative a bro and neat. His aspiration is fabulously wealthy.

03-18-15_7-12 PM

Robbie rolled a whim (or whatever they call them) to paint a picture. So I bought this painting easel for him. I also got that little light show thing that came with the premium edition of the game. He got a nice moodlet from it. I don’t remember what it said. If I remember I while write it down for the next post.

03-21-15_7-09 PM

Asides from gardening Carly has been working on painting. Ok so that’s it for this chapter! I have really been enjoying this family and I can’t wait to play some more. Anyways I hope that you enjoyed! If you have any suggestions for what we should do just leave a comment here on WordPress. Have a great day!


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