Wedding 1.6



Hi guys! I hope that you have been enjoying this legacy! Ok lets get right into this chapter! Here is Katlyn hanging out of the monkey bars.

03-02-15_5-09 PM-2

AHHH! I always used to flip out when I saw kids doing this at the park.


03-02-15_6-06 PM

So like I said in the last post Jennifer and Oliver are getting married today! (finally!) Katlyn you need to sit down at the guest table.

03-02-15_6-06 PM-3

There ya go Katlyn. The kids didn’t pay any attention to the wedding. Oh well

03-02-15_6-07 PM-5

You may kiss the bride. Sadly they didn’t wear there formal outfits. *sigh*


03-07-15_10-41 AM1

In my neighborhood I made the Pancakes have a kid. Here she is! Her name is Carly Pancakes.

03-10-15_12-09 PM

Seth invited her over to work on their relationship.

03-10-15_12-13 PM

What a sweet little girl you are Katlyn! If it wasn’t for your aspiration you might have became heir.

03-10-15_12-18 PM

Sheesh Katlyn! She always ages up out of no where! Well here she is as a teen! She is evil and hotheaded. She has the big happy family aspiration.

03-10-15_12-22 PM-4

I bought her the gym rat trait so that she actually enjoyed exercising. My plan is for her to do the athletic career. But she will probably get kicked out for gen 3 babies. Anyways that’s it for this update! Come back next time for a sort of big update! See you then!













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