Maids That Use Magical Trash Cans! 1.5

02-28-15_3-18 PM

Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall legacy! Jennifer decided to play her guitar in toxic fumes that where coming off of her body.

02-28-15_3-57 PM

What happened to the other maid!?

02-28-15_3-58 PM-2

Hooray! This maid knows to put the garbage in the MAGICAL money making trash can!

02-28-15_4-11 PM

Seth is still working on his violin skill.

02-28-15_11-56 AM

Oliver aged up into an adult.

03-01-15_2-08 PM

Seth signed up for the barista part time job.

03-01-15_2-14 PM

And then Jennifer aged up too!

03-02-15_12-45 PM

TADA! I tried to make them a house.

03-02-15_12-45 PM-2

Here is the inside. right now they all have to sleep in the same room.

03-02-15_12-51 PM

Hooray for music skilling! Come back next time for the Oliver and Jennifer’s wedding!


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