Park Adventure! 1.4

02-26-15_6-58 PM-2

Welcome to another chapter of the Kendall legacy! Oliver took Katyln to the park so she can work on her aspiration. OH I forgot she has the rambunctious Scamp aspiration and she rolled the hot-headed trait!

02-26-15_6-42 PM

Oliver clogged one of the sinks at the park to see if it would count towards his aspiration. And it did!

02-26-15_6-49 PM

He started to mess with green hair lady to try and get his skill up. It doesn’t go up very fast though.

02-26-15_6-52 PM

I found out that we can summon whoever the voodoo doll is binned to! So we did that so Oliver could voodoo him.

02-26-15_7-04 PM-4

Surprise again! Here is the third child! His name is Robbie!

02-26-15_7-07 PM

Oliver started to have his pre parental freak out in the middle of the night hours after the baby was born.

02-26-15_7-11 PM

They where finally able to afford a dinning room table! Yay for family meals! (Katlyn was there but she had just finished eating)

02-26-15_7-13 PM-5

I ALWAYS forget to get my sims married! I need to try and remember to get the kids married and not just hold it off until they have three kids. So Jennifer proposed!

02-26-15_7-13 PM-6

He said yes!

02-27-15_12-20 PM

Look! I made them a house!

02-27-15_12-23 PM

Not really though. This is all I could afford at the moment.

02-27-15_12-31 PM

Oliver started being mischievous with the maid and scared her.

02-27-15_12-47 PM-2

Oh my. Jennifer makes these weird faces every day.

02-27-15_12-51 PM

Birthday time! Seth is aging up into a teenager!

02-27-15_12-57 PM

He rolled the bro trait and the soul mate aspiration!

02-27-15_12-58 PM

Then Robbie aged up! He rolled the creative trait and the artistic prodigy. So I ran a poll for who the heir should be. (sry if I forgot to post the poll on here) And the heir is…. Drumroll please! Seth! Come back next time for some more action. (Or maybe there wont be any action. No promises)


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