Voodoo 1.3

02-22-15_1-25 PM

Oliver got a voodoo doll. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

02-22-15_1-30 PM

He bound it to this random sim Seth new.

02-22-15_1-30 PM-3

Oliver did a cool little animation with the doll. I made him “poke” the sim it was bound to. Oliver got a moodlit that said it was a success but I didn’t see anything happen to the sim it was bound to. Weird.

02-22-15_10-50 AM-2

Guess what Jennifer is telling Oliver. She’s telling him that she is pregnant with their second child!

02-22-15_11-17 AM-6

Seth is happy that he will have a little brother/sister.

02-22-15_11-22 AM-3

The whole family has been collecting a bunch of stuff lately. Here is their collection.

02-22-15_11-37 AM

Jennifer is working her bum off on her guitar skill. And Seth has been working on his creative/violin skill.

02-22-15_11-48 AM-2

It’s go time!

02-22-15_11-49 AM

Meet Katlyn! Jennifer and Oliver’s second child!

02-22-15_12-20 PM

Jennifer had some LTH to spend so I got her the free services one and then she hired a maid. Here is the maid we got. I changed her clothes a little bit though.

02-25-15_4-25 PM

SUPRISE! Katlyn aged up…… I wasn’t expecting it she just popped out of her crib at 4 in the morning.

02-25-15_4-35 PM

Hey guess what! Another baby is on the way! This has been going pretty fast. We are only on the 3rd chapter and already have two children and a baby on the way.

02-25-15_4-59 PM-2

For Oliver’s aspiration he needed to clog the drains out 3 different houses. So he went to the BFF household and clogged their kitchen sink.

02-25-15_5-07 PM

Then he went to the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household and clogged their drain. AND GUESS WHAT! The grandparents to the little girl are DEAD! And I can’t find their graves anywhere! They probably died at the park or a club or something…….

02-25-15_4-46 PM

More guitar playing.

02-25-15_4-38 PM

Oliver decided he was going to make some chips and salsa ON THE NASTY COUNTER! Someone needs to clean that mess up! Ok that’s it for this chapter! Come back next time to see the new addition to the family! =D OH and make sure you go HERE to vote on the heir poll! I am ahead in the game and need to know who the heir will be so I don’t have to stop playing! Happy Simming! =D =D












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