Mischief 1.2

!!!!!!15_10-08 AM-2

Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall legacy! Last time Oliver moved in with Jennifer. I forgot to tell you his traits and aspiration. So his traits are: creative, Bro and bookworm. His aspiration is Chief of Mischief. Here he is working on his aspiration by throwing a drink at this sim.

!!!!!!15_10-09 AM


!!!!!!15_10-09 AM-3

Oliver lost 😦 Oh well.

!!!!!!15_10-49 AM

Meanwhile Jennifer is telling her self a story over a bowl of cereal.

!!!!!!15_10-57 AM

Jennifer is good at keeping the house clean. BTW she is pregnant! incase you forgot from last chapter.

!!!!!-15_2-34 PM

See if you can guess why Oliver is doing this. 😉

!!!!!-15_2-39 PM

Jennifer had her baby! (That’s why Oliver was running around like that.) It’s a baby boy named Seth!

!!!!!-15_2-42 PM

Jennifer makes the most interesting faces. And she’s always making them while she is eating cereal.

!!!!!-15_2-43 PM-2

Oliver is enjoying little Seth.

!!!!!-15_2-53 PM-2

Oliver has been chasing down every person that walks by their house so he can work on his mischief skill and aspiration.

!!!!!-15_3-01 PM

Yay! Jennifer got a promotion! And we upgraded the kitchen. I can’t remember if I said what career she is in but she is in the Entertainer career and she will be going into the musician branch. And Oliver is in the Entertainer career and will be going into the comedian branch

!!!!!-15_3-02 PM

Yay for a kitchen!

!!!!!-15_3-10 PM

Seth aged up! The baby life span is really fast. he originally aged up with blonde hair but I changed it to black since both of his parents have black hair. I’m assuming that he had blonde hair because Jennifer has a retextured hair so the game probably doesn’t recognize that it’s black.

!!!!!-15_3-15 PM

Here is the new “house” I walled in the bathroom so they wouldn’t always be shooing each other off of the lot.

!!!!!-15_3-16 PM-4

Seth has the trait art lover trait. And the artistic prodigy aspiration.

!!!!!-15_3-31 PM

Oliver and Jennifer are going to bed. I think………

!!!!!-15_3-33 PM-2

Seth had a bad day at school so we got him a stuffed dragon to play with. Ok that’s it for this chapter! I’m going to be trying to post three times a week so I can get ahead for when Get To Work comes out because I would like to jump write into the new content. If you have any ideas for what I should do with Get To Work leave a comment here or on this thread on boolprop. I’m super excited about this legacy and I am having a ton of fun playing it. But don’t worry! The Kalen Legacy will still get posted hopefully once a week! Anyways BYE! =D Oh and here is my TSR












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