Married Men 1.1

02-20-15_12-02 PM

Hi! This is the first part of my sims 4 legacy! This is Jennifer Kendall. Her traits are music lover, family oriented, and insane and she has the big happy family aspiration. Her hair is custom content THAT I MADE! =D Once I get it uploaded to TSR I will put the link in one of these chapters.

Jen: Hello, It’s me. Ummm where is my house?

Me: This isn’t actually the lot you are going to live on.


02-20-15_12-02 PM-2


Jen: WHAT!? What do you mean this isn’t the lot I’m gonna live on?!

Me: I don’t know why we have to do it this way. If you really want to know go ask EA.


02-20-15_12-03 PM


Jen: Hahaha I was just playing with you.

02-20-15_12-04 PM

Jen: Ok here we are. Where is my house?

02-20-15_12-07 PM

Me: This is your house.
Jen: This place doesn’t even have any walls! But at least there is this nice thing to look at.
Me: Woops I forgot we have to put that in your pocket.

02-20-15_12-07 PM-2

Jen: WHAT!?

02-20-15_12-08 PM

Anyways. Jennifer is in the entertainer career and she will be going into the musician branch.

02-20-15_12-18 PM

She went of the club to find some people to socialize with. We found this guy bout after two hours of talking to him we found out he was married! What a waste of time!

02-20-15_12-21 PM

Then we met this guy. Turns out he’s married too!

02-20-15_4-46 PM

We went to the library to hopefully find some single men. But guess what! These two guys are married too!

02-20-15_6-02 PM-2

We finally went home and meet this guy. (Who was the mailman BTW)

02-20-15_6-29 PM

Then they had their first kiss and became boyfriend/girlfriend and he moved in.

02-20-15_6-33 PM-3

They tried for a BABY shortly after.

02-20-15_6-36 PM-4

Jen took so pregnancy test and found out that she was pregnant! That will be it for this chapter come back next time to see Jen’s new baby!


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