4.1 Finally Back

Hello everyone! So, this is my sims 4 legacy. I haven’t played it or updated it in a very long time, I apologize for that. In the last chapter that I posted, it was the first chapter of generation 3. Well, I played a bit and I was going to write some chapters but I lost the screenshots. I also lost the save somehow, but I had the family saved in my gallery so thankfully I didn’t loose them. The only thing that I lost where the tombstones and the house.  I will start this chapter off by introducing all of the sims that are in this legacy.

04-12-16_1-36-27 PM.jpg

This is Terry, he married the generation 3 heir. For some reason he only has two traits which are bookworm and neat. His aspiration is “Painter Extraordinaire”. He is a young adult.

04-12-16_1-36-39 PM

And here is the generation 3 heir, Bridgette. She has the creative, perfectionist and outgoing traits. Her aspiration is Master Chef. She is a young adult.

04-12-16_1-36-32 PM

Here is Devon, he is Bridgette’s older brother and the spare for generation 3, But for some reason I decided to still play him. His traits are bro, genius and cheerful. His aspiration is nerd brain,  which he completed.

04-12-16_1-36-44 PM.jpg

Ok, onto the children of generation 4. This is the oldest, his name is Austen. He is Active and loves the outdoors. His aspiration is body builder. And as you can probably tell he is a teenager.

04-12-16_1-36-48 PM.jpg

And here is BLANK she is the heir for generation 4. She has the good trait.And she has the creative aspiration. I am really sorry about two things, one being how long it has taken me to update this legacy. And two being for all of the missing information/screenshots. The generation 2 heir, Seth, and his wife, Carly, are now dead so I don’t have anymore screenshots of them.

04-12-16_1-41-44 PM.jpg

Here is their new house. That little room with no roof or siding is Devon’s room because there wasn’t anywhere to put him in the house. (Also, I am still trying to get my settings back to where they were before so if the game looks ugly I’m sorry.)

04-12-16_1-42-05 PM.jpg

They are basically broke and they don’t have an easel for Terry to paint on so he had to go collect some rocks.

04-12-16_1-46-37 PM.jpg

Amelia is doing her homework.

04-12-16_1-51-34 PM.jpg

Here is one of the growfruit trees that is near the house. I am goin g to try and finish the spring challenges but I don’t know if I will be able to.

04-12-16_1-53-53 PM.jpg

We finally had enough to buy an easel!

04-12-16_2-02-41 PM.jpg

Here is Devon’s sad little bedroom.

04-12-16_2-16-06 PM.jpg

Bridgette found one of the new eggs!

04-12-16_2-18-30 PM.jpg

And then she found some other ones too.

04-12-16_2-26-44 PM.jpg

Can you guess what Bridgette is making?

04-12-16_2-27-36 PM.jpg


04-12-16_2-27-56 PM.jpg

Bridgette is aging up into an adult.

04-12-16_2-28-38 PM.jpg

Here she is as an adult! She looks exactly the same but whatever.

04-12-16_2-30-07 PM.jpg

And here is Terry as an adult.

04-12-16_2-39-16 PM.jpg

Bridgette went out and harvested some of the grow fruit trees. (By the way, I know that her outfit is not the nicest. She aged up into a teen in this and I just left it…)

04-12-16_4-16-25 PM.jpg

Bridgette went to one of the gardens in Willow Creek so she could find Jasmin Holliday.

04-12-16_4-17-39 PM.jpg

She asked for some fertilizer and a growfruit starter pack and then she went back home.

04-12-16_4-29-33 PM.jpg

Bridgette planted some of the growfruit that she harvested so that they can have a bunch of it.

04-12-16_4-31-20 PM.jpg

Terry is making a lot of money from painting, he has level 10 painting skill so that is helpful.

04-12-16_4-49-02 PM.jpg

The trees grew!

04-12-16_4-53-14 PM.jpg

When I was absent from playing the sims 4 they added these cool little storage chests that you can put stuff in! But I was later disappointed to find out that if you have more than one they will have the same inventory. So they don’t work like the ones in sims 3 where you can have multiple for different things.

04-12-16_4-59-47 PM.jpg

Amelia invited this random girl from school over.

04-12-16_5-02-41 PM.jpg

Here Bridgette is helping Amelia with her homework.

04-13-16_11-26-10 AM.jpg

For Austen’s aspiration he needed to work out a lot. So rather than having him go jogging all the time I bought him a treadmill. That’s it for this chapter, I am sorry again that it has been so long and that I lost a bunch of the screenshots. I am going to be trying to update this as much as I can to make up for all of the time that I lost.


Scientist Career 3.1

Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall Legacy! Today Carly is aging up into an adult!

04-19-15_5-10 PM-4

In the middle of the night I saw Jennifer as a ghost!

04-27-15_12-18 PM

I woke Carly up so that they could talk.

04-27-15_12-22 PM-2

And then Jennifer turned PURPLE!

04-27-15_12-23 PM

And then yellow.

04-29-15_5-00 PM

Then Jennifer just DISAPPEARED! 😦 I am going to try and work on aspirations and skills today, Devon is working on handiness and Bridgette is working on charisma.

04-29-15_6-45 PM

And then Jennifer came back and STOLE A COOKIE!

04-29-15_6-48 PM

Go talk to her Carly! Sadly Jennifer disappeared AGAIN. I didn’t even realize but it is also Bridgette’s birthday! So since she is the heir it is officially generation THREE!

04-30-15_5-09 PM-3

And she rolled…… Um, I think it was cheerful but I cannot remember. I will try and check next time I play. I finally was able to play with Devon at work!

04-30-15_7-38 PM

When he first walked in he was greeted by the receptionist.

04-30-15_7-38 PM-2

When you play one of the active careers this will be in the corner and it tells you what to do.

Screenshot (570)

Here is Devon talking to invention constructor.

04-30-15_7-39 PM

And they build a relationship with them! It is kind of like the giant teddy bears for the children. ( And if you collected all of the Easter eggs and you unlocked the giant bunny you can have a relationship with them too!) (And you can see how bad I am with having friends in this game…..)

Screenshot (571)

And then he invented the momentum constructor. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I will try and take one for another post. While I was playing with Devon, Seth came home and got a promotion!

Screenshot (575)

After your work hours are over you get this notification that tells you how you did and how much money you made and whether or not you got a promotion.

Screenshot (577)

Since Bridgette aged up and she is the heir I had her talk to this random guy so maybe he can become her husband.

05-01-15_7-19 PM

They got their friendship bars up pretty high so then Bridgette started flirting.

05-02-15_10-04 AM

While Carly doesn’t look very happy about working in her garden for some reason.

05-02-15_10-06 AM

The flirting went well so they did some more romance interactions. And he moved in! His name is Terry Denton, and for some reason he only has TWO traits (Not including the trait from his aspiration.) And he has the painting aspiration. I will try and remember to tell you his traits in the next post.

05-02-15_10-07 AM

He had ONE day until aging up into an adult so we bought him a potion of youth.

05-02-15_10-22 AM

And then they had their first kiss!

05-02-15_10-29 AM-2

And then he asked her to be his girlfriend. (She said yes, if you couldn’t tell from their happy dance.)

05-02-15_10-30 AM That’s it for this chapter! I hope that you enjoyed it. I am posting this like a month or two after I played it, And since then EA has announced a new world called Newcrest! And the first stuff pack came out. I haven’t bought it yet though. But once I do I will try and review the new stuff that comes with it. Anyways Happy Simming! =D ❤

Bridgette’s Bakery 2.5

So I have some sad news. Jennifer and Oliver DIED.



3I made this little graveyard for them. Jennifer’s guitar that she always played is there and I hid Oliver’s voodoo doll in the flowers.

04-01-15_7-41 AM

In the last part I left off with a picture of a little building. Did you guess what it was? It is Bridgette’s new bakery!

When you click on the stove or fridge there will be an option to bake something. So she made some sugar cookies!

Here is what the store looks like when you first walk in.

I bought her a little table so that she could sit down and eat at her bakery.

Yay, our first customer!

04-01-15_7-43 AM

This is the thing about having your living space on the same lot as the store. They will just walk on into your space! *GASP* How terrible am I! I forgot to tell you Bridgette’s aspiration and new trait! Ok so she is a creative perfectionist and she has the friend of the world aspiration.

Screenshot (35) Screenshot (36)

So I hired an employee so that he could do all the selling and Bridgette can do all of the baking and not have to worry about the customers.

04-17-15_9-24 AM-3

I built a basement for the bakery so that we could have the kitchen down there.

04-17-15_8-55 AM

I don’t think I posted anything about this but, Devon aged up into an adult. I forgot to throw him a birthday party too! What a great simmer I am. I got him a job in the scientist career, And for his job he needs to have two breakthroughs. One way you can get breakthroughs from reading books. That is it for this post! In the next chapter there will be a lot of stuff happening, so hopefully that will make up for my absence.

Get To Work! 2.4

Screenshot (29)(DISCLAIMER! I played this chapter the day Get To Work came out, and for some reason I decided not post for a month…..)Hi! Welcome back to another update! AND OH MY GOSH THERE IS AN ANT ON MY ARM!!!!! SOMEONE CALL FOR HELP! No joke an ant was just crawling up my arm. I am terrified of those things! YAY! Get To Work came out! I went to bust buy this morning and I was there before they where even open lol. So here is what it looks like when you are installing it (in case you didn’t know.)

CombinedSCBridgette is talking to the giant stuffed bunnies that we unlocked from the Easter egg hunt.

03-30-15_7-07 PM-2

I found out that children can improve their social skill from talking to them.

Screenshot (30)

This will pop up when you first open the game after installing Get To Work. It just gives you some info on the different careers.

03-31-15_11-29 AM

Oliver has been painting a lot recently so he opened up a store to sell his paintings.

03-31-15_11-31 AM

Our first costumer was Katlyn!

03-31-15_11-32 AM

I brought Bridgette over to talk to one of the customers so she could work on her social skill.

03-31-15_11-33 AM

When a customer wants to buy something they will walk up to the item and a little shopping cart will pop up on top of their head. Then you can click on that sim and there will be an interaction to ring them up.

03-31-15_11-34 AM

And for each time you talk to a customer or sell an item you get some points, I don’t remember what they are called but you can purchase different perks. For 50 points you can get this “first simolen” award.

03-31-15_11-36 AM

I had Oliver paint a little bit but I forgot to close the store so there where some sims just walking around.

03-31-15_11-40 AM

I put a little bed behind the wall where all of the paintings are so that he could sleep and not go through a loading screen.

03-31-15_11-44 AM

“Anyone wanna come to my store?” Maybe if you didn’t have toxic fumes coming off of your body people would come.

03-31-15_11-51 AM

What is this? This isn’t grey hair club this is a store! I brought Jennifer over so that she could help with some of the customers.

03-31-15_12-22 PM

I invited this two sims over. The girl is for Bridgette to talk to and the boy in case if you forgot is the guy that Devon meet at the park and started flirting with.

03-31-15_12-25 PM

Devon tried talking to the guy (I forgot his name…..) but it didn’t work so well. But I still have hope for this relationship! ( And it may have been because of his clothing…..)

03-31-15_12-29 PM

After everyone left Devon sat at the chess table for the rest of the day working on his logic skill.

03-31-15_12-32 PM

Bridgette invited Robbie over so that they could become friends for her aspiration. “Hi uncle Robbie!”

04-01-15_5-13 PM

Devon got a spaceship because we need one of these big old things for his aspiration….

03-31-15_6-51 PM

Grandma made a cake. Even she thinks that it is weird that Devon walks around in those bottoms….

03-31-15_6-55 PM

Bridgette aged up into a teen!

03-31-15_7-14 PM

Come back next time to find out what this building is for! See you then! Happy simming! 🙂 ❤

New Patch! 2.3


So we are going to start off this update with TWO birthdays! First is Robbie.


Then Katlyn. They aged up into adults and sadly I moved them out to make room for the next generation. They didn’t finish their aspirations or do a job but oh well. We might be seeing them later.


For Seth’s aspiration he needs to do 50 romantic interactions with his spouse. this is going to take a while.


Davon made an emotion potion and drank it. He got a bored moodlet because apparently it didn’t do anything. =(

03-23-15_6-58 PM

In the last part Jennifer and Oliver aged up into elders. I dont want them to die!!!

03-23-15_12-01 PM

Davon is making lots of health potions and emotion potions for his skill and aspiration.

03-23-15_12-09 PM

HEY! another baby is on the way!!! =D (sorry that it looks like Carly was rolling around in mud. She wasn’t I promise.)

03-23-15_7-08 PM

While Carly was gardening Seth was working on those 50 romantic iterations.

03-23-15_12-26 PM

YAY! We got a kitchen upgrade!

03-25-15_7-20 PM

I bought Jennifer five of those inspiring lamps from Island paradise for TS3 I think. I don’t know if it will boost the inspired emotion more depending on how many there are but we will see.

03-25-15_7-44 AM

Yay! I remembered to get the cute baby bump pics this time!

03-26-15_4-37 PM

Davon finished his aspiration! Now it is time for his birthday!


In this picture it looks like he is on fire.

03-28-15_10-32 AM

Here is Davons CAS teen pic. I tried to make him dress kind of weird because I want him to be a kooky scientist He has the nerd brain aspiration and is a cheerful genius.

So there was a new update the day I was playing this and they changed some of the UI.

Screenshot (27)

This is what it looks like when you are selecting the world you want to play in. If you have Outdoor Retreat there will be a little destinations tab with Granite Falls in it.

03-26-15_10-27 AM-2

And for the valentines day challenge we got these two new hairs!


Why are you making this face Jennifer?

03-26-15_10-38 AM

So you might be wondering why Oliver is standing outside with Jennifer by an easel

03-26-15_10-40 AM

Well, In the new patch they added painting from reference! so you can take a picture of something and then you can paint it! So now we can make portraits!

03-26-15_10-54 AM

*GASP* What is this???

03-26-15_10-54 AM-2

We now have basements too!

03-26-15_11-50 AM

Thanks a lot Carly you are interrupting me! She gave birth to a little girl named Bridgette.

03-26-15_12-02 PM

The update also included an easter egg hunt. When you are looking for frogs you can find easter eggs!

03-27-15_1-39 PM

Bridgette aged up into a child. With her creepy scientist brother in his briefs behind her…..

03-27-15_4-50 PM

She is wearing this cute (in my opinion) ice cream sweater that I made! =D

03-27-15_4-51 PM

While Carly was gardening she found a bunch of the easter eggs. So now we only need two more until we have all of them!

03-28-15_10-05 AM

Here is their easter egg and my sims trophy collection shelves. I also stuck one of Oliver’s voodoo dolls on there.(incase you couldn’t tell this is in the basement.)

03-28-15_5-03 PM

Here is Bridgette’s cas picture! She has the social butterfly aspiration and the creative trait.

03-29-15_2-01 PM

Bridgette went to the park to work on her aspiration. Hey Bridgette did you know that this scary unloaded sim is your GRAMMA?!!?! HAHA.

03-29-15_2-04 PM

Soo…. That teen sitting next to Devon started to flirt with him…. So I had Devon flirt back. I wasn’t expecting that from you Devon. Looks like Davon is going to have a boyfriend.

03-29-15_2-18 PM

In our basement we put up some of the portraits that Oliver painted. I have decided that Bridgette will be the heir. Once she gets older she will run a bakery! So we have a picture of all of the heirs! Devon needs to work on handiness and he needs to do some wood working for his aspiration, so this is where I put the woodworking table.

03-29-15_2-24 PM

I bought a slablet for Bridgette so she could talk to people on it and hopefully help for when we don’t want people at the house.

 03-29-15_9-35 AM

I bought all of the little valentines day bears! I think I am going to make a room that will have all of the different types of stuffed animals! I just love them so much! ( I love stuffed animals in real life too.)

03-29-15_9-35 AM-2

We got this little plaque for collecting all of the my sims trophies.

03-29-15_9-40 AM

So i went with the idea of having all of the stuffed animals in a room. I bought all of the child sized stuffed animals! I think that they are so cute!

03-29-15_10-07 AM

YAY! We collected all of the easter eggs! So I bought these cute bunnies that you unlock after collecting all of the eggs. I think I’m going to have to end it here. This is the biggest update I have ever done! With 37 pictures! (I know that is like a normal size for most updates but mine are nomaly really small lol) and Get To Work is coming out tomorrow!!!!! I might end up posting a THIRD update today so that generation three will be ready when it comes out. Bye! Happy simming! 🙂  ❤

Gardening And Aging Up. 2.2


Welcome back to another chapter of the Kendall Legacy! Here is a picture of Carly gardening.


ROBBIE made this cute little picture of a llama!


Jennifer has been sitting at the piano all day working on her skill.


I don’t know why but for some reason I really like this picture of Carly. Wow….. I just read my last post and realized that I forgot to tell you Carly’s aspiration and traits and I just left ***Insert Carly’s aspiration and traits here*** wow….. Ok so she is a foodie music lover that loves that outdoors and she has the freelance botanist aspiration (which is the gardening one.)




This is where the frogs have been living. It is taking a long time to collect all of the different types.


So you might be wondering who this cake is for……


Jennifer aged up into an elder today. 😦


And so did Oliver. Jennifer is really close to reaching the top of her career. I don’t mind if Oliver doesn’t top his but I REALLY want Jennifer to. That’s it for this update/chapter. I am really excited for GTW to come out in 1 day!!! I will try and post more so that I can be ready for when GTW comes out. Anyways, Happy Simming 🙂  ❤

New House New Wife New Life! 2.1

03-13-15_4-39 PM

Welcome to the first chapter of generation 2!!!!! For Jennifer’s job she has to have some piano skill. That is why we have a piano in the front yard.

03-13-15_5-22 PM-2

Seth is aging up into an YA!

03-13-15_6-54 PM

Robbie is also aging up into a teen!

03-14-15_9-48 AM-2

We moved Carly in so that we could age her up and have a relationship with Seth.

03-14-15_9-52 AM-3

Seth proposed soon after they aged up!

03-14-15_9-53 AM-5

She said yes and they had a private wedding! While everyone danced to the radio.

03-15-15_3-14 PM

*Insert Carly’s traits and aspiration here*

So….. I kind of stopped taking screenshots of my game for a while so I didn’t capture a couple of sim days. Sorry. As you can see Carly is PREGNANT! She has been gardening for her aspiration. Incase if you where wondering the plants in front of her are they strawberry bushes.

03-19-15_4-56 PM

She gave birth to this little boy named Davon! He is are soon to be scientist! since GTW is coming out soon I decided that generation 2 would be working on that EP. I don’t know how long it will take us to try everything that Get To Work has to offer because there is a lot of content with that EP.

03-15-15_8-01 AM

Random picture of Carly because I felt like it.

03-15-15_8-03 AM

It has been really fun going around the world looking for different plants for Carly to harvest. She found this apple tree pretty close to their lot.

03-15-15_8-03 AM-2

And here is a strawberry plant!

03-17-15_6-53 PM

Davon is working on his homework. Oh goodness I forgot to tell you what his trait and aspiration is! So his aspiration is the mental one and he is a genius Oh what is this? A new house? YES! I made a new house for them. I really really really like this one.

03-21-15_7-15 PM

So here is the top down view of the house. in the front yard we have monkey bars crystals and frogs. Then in the back is where Carly has her garden. And eventually we will have a pool back there too.

03-24-15_4-58 PM

OMG! I forgot to post Robbie’s teen pic and his traits! Ok so he is creative a bro and neat. His aspiration is fabulously wealthy.

03-18-15_7-12 PM

Robbie rolled a whim (or whatever they call them) to paint a picture. So I bought this painting easel for him. I also got that little light show thing that came with the premium edition of the game. He got a nice moodlet from it. I don’t remember what it said. If I remember I while write it down for the next post.

03-21-15_7-09 PM

Asides from gardening Carly has been working on painting. Ok so that’s it for this chapter! I have really been enjoying this family and I can’t wait to play some more. Anyways I hope that you enjoyed! If you have any suggestions for what we should do just leave a comment here on WordPress. Have a great day!